Curved slimline Light bar
Curved slimline Light bar
curved sllimline
NP300 Grill mount bracket image 01
Curved slimline Light bar
Curved slimline Light bar
Curved slimline Light bar
NP 300 Lowe Grill Mount
Curved slimline Light bar

Nissan NP300 Lower Grill Mount – 26” Curved Slimline Light Bar

Product Specifications:

2mm Brushed Stainless Steel

Comes with a Bolt Pack

Easy to Install

Bullseye Product Support Included

$95.00 *Inc GST

$95.00 *Inc GST

In stock

Nissan Navara NP300 Lower Grill Mount for 26″ Slimline Lightbar

The Navara NP300 Lower Grill Mount sets the standard when it comes to making a statement to the exterior of your Patrol Navara Model. The design of this Grill mount creates a mounting point to your Radiator Support. Therefore, adding convenience for the customer. Our design sets your light at the perfect height and angle for your needs and sight of the road ahead. Check out the NP300 50″ Curved Lightbar Mounts


Grill Mounts for 26″ Slimline Mounts are small lights facing at roughly 35<45 degree angle and mounted below your license plate shining through ever so bright.
The idea is to provide strong illumination while driving at night to keep an eye on a wide spread of the road


In Addition, This is a creative alternative to a Lightbar to your 4×4. Whether you have fitted stock options or other custom light options, the design team here at Bullseye have taken that into consideration.



We Design and manufacture locally in Lilydale Australia. Manufacturing using Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel. As such, these Cowl Mounts have a design and shape using 2mm Thick 304 Standard Brushed Stainless Steel. In addition, they are laser cut to the designated dimensions to have a lightweight and sturdy feel. With a single sided brushed finish, Sold in pairs, With low profile fasteners also included for the lightbars.


Add a little bit of extra functional style with Bullseye Products Cowl Mounts. Available in Brushed Stainless Steel. We design these using CAD programs to fit your vehicle. These follow a certain angle by a professional manufacturer via our heavy and reliable equipment.




Our easy to install instructions will suit anyone from a novice to advanced, check out our guides on how to correctly fit Bullseye windscreen brackets: Windscreen Mounting brackets installation PDF  or VIDEO



We are the customisation professionals and Currently a family business with emphasis on quality over quantity. We offer custom designing for our customers if our product range does not suit the brand of their vehicle.

An ideal and convenient way to mount a Lightbar with this stylish custom made NP300 Lower Grill Mount.

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