Curved Light Bars

Bullseye Products supply and installs a range of curved light bars.

These light bars will look great on your 4×4 and produce a strong, wide beam of light, helping you see everything that’s in front of you for precise off-road driving.

If you’re based in Melbourne, you can get your curved LED light bar installed by our local team. Alternatively, you can take advantage of nationwide shipping to get light bars delivered directly to you.

International shipping is also available. Contact us for a quote on getting a curved light bar delivered overseas.

Are you looking for straight light bars? Explore the Bullseye Products range here.

Check Out Our Range of 42-Inch and 50-Inch Curved LED Light Bars

Bullseye’s curved LED light bars are available in a range of sizes to suit various 4×4 makes and models.

You can pick up 42-inch curved light bars or 50-inch curved light bars from our team.

We also offer light bars in a range of other sizes   from 7 inch to 50 inch.

Features of Bullseye curved light bars include:

  • Easy installation
  • Diecast aluminium caps with extruded aluminium body
  • Quality LEDs from Phillips and CREE
  • IP67 or IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Spot Beam and/or Flood Combo Beam
  • Lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  • And much more!

Check out our product range now to view all the specs and options. For more information about curved light bars from Bullseye Products, reach out to the team today.