There can be some whistling, and it all depends on your bar also.

Best thing to do if you get wind noise, is either place some hard compound rubber at intervals in the fins along the rear of the bar, that will suppress the vibration caused by the wind compressing under the bar.

(We always recommend having these fitted by a qualified mechanic) But they can be installed by a confidently skilled person, we have a video available to follow along which shows you how to install them please see the link below.

(Bullseye Products accepts no fault for damage done to your vehicle if not done correctly)

Our wiring looms are made up of 14AWG wire and comes with a 40 Amp fuse.
Internally It houses new electronics that will automatically detect whether your vehicle is positive or negatively switched and will work out of the box with any of your modifications

The power drawn varies from lightbar to lightbar however, each ‘Light’ Product has a description with the details needed

Yes, Our custom lightbar mounts are size specific and are made using CAD Software for efficient designs. Our mounts are made to suit Curved LED Lightbars each with a specified Lightbar Length. If you have a straight light bar we can assist you with a custom set of brackets provided we can get your make and model into our workshop.

The size of the Lightbar will need to be the same measurements specified for the brackets.

For example: a 52″ LED Curved Lightbar will not fit a 50″ Windscreen Mounting Bracket!

Just unbolt the mount from the pillar, unwind the bracket from the bar (taking note of the position of the bolt) and turn the bolt quarter of a turn clockwise in the square cut out and re fit it to the bar

Put a little tape around the Nutsert so they will fit snug in the hole, this will enable you to get the Nutsert started.

Just be aware that all bars with the fish eye lens (3D, 4D & 5D lenses) are not recommended to put on top of the windscreen as that particular lens throws light onto your windscreen and lights up the dash and all the insects on your windscreen also.

You can simply use the fasteners that came with your bar, but our mounts are made as an anti-theft set up, they come with 8mm fasteners to suit. Your best option would be to drill and tap an 8mm thread on one of your holes and use our fasteners. This way you will retain the anti-theft quality of the mounts and for the weight of the bar the 8mm bolts will be a lot stronger. (Any installer can tap and drill the thread for you quite easily)

Yes we do, for all over seas orders please contact us directly!

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