Off-road Lighting and 4×4 Accessories

For years Mick traveled around Australia in search of the best camp grounds and 4×4 tracks with the most basic of setups and along the way Micks keen eye for design slowly changed his grandpa spec Patrol into their Ultimate tourer.


In 2014 Mick founded Bullseye Products on the back of a brand-new product to hit the Australian 4×4 market. Mick had custom designed a set of windscreen mount brackets to suit his 50 inch light-bar and the outcome has given you the vast range of products you see today.


Now, today in a 380 square factory hidden away in the Yarra-Valley with a state of the art fibre laser cutter and 160 tonne press brake manufacturing has come to a whole new level with an inĀ  house custom design service and prototype development, Mick is constantly working to push the boundaries and innovate today’s market with new products never before seen.

Fibre Laser Cutter and in house CAD design

In late 2017 Bullseye Products got their Fibre laser cutter up and running, being able to offer in house CAD design and laser cutting has ensured they could maintain a solid consistency in the products quality and precision delivered daily.

Along with a custom service offered to all walk in customers helping with any projects that you might have.


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