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Mazda BT50 (2011-2021) – UHF Antenna Cowl Mounting Brackets

Mounted Pod Lights
Cowl Mounted UHF Antenna
Bonnet Mounted Ditch Lights
Scrub Lights
Call them what you will
The perfect solution to LIGHT UP THE NIGHT when your needing that little extra punch

Left side and Right side mount included in purchase!

$99.00$132.00 *Inc GST

$132.00 *Inc GST

In stock

$132.00 *Inc GST

In stock

$99.00 *Inc GST

In stock

Mazda BT50 – UHF and Pod Light Cowl Mounts

Illuminate Your Night Drives with Precision

Our Mazda BT50 UHF cowl mounts provide unparalleled side illumination during night drives. Mounted at the top outer corners of your bonnet at a 35-45 degree angle, these lights ensure you have a clear view of both sides of the road, thus enhancing your safety and visibility. Other Cowl Mounts Include the DMAX, the BT50 and many others! Theses are the Perfect mounting bracket to mount Driving lights, side shooters or our Bullseye Double side shooters! Looking to mount something bigger on? Check out the windscreen mounts we make for this vehicle here.

Custom Design for a Perfect Fit

Crafted with precision, we CAD-design each light bracket in-house specifically for the Mazda BT50 (2011 – 2021). Furthermore, we make the brackets from 2mm 304 stainless steel, featuring a single-sided brushed finish for durability and a sleek look. Moreover, sold in pairs, the package includes low-profile fasteners for easy installation.

Effortless DIY Installation

Installing our lights is a breeze. The brackets bolt directly onto your bonnet hinge without the need for drilling or trimming. Additionally, they are strategically positioned to avoid interference with your wipers and windscreen, allowing you to fully extend your bonnet with ease.

Proudly Australian Made

We design, cut, and fold our cowl mount brackets in Melbourne, Victoria. Consequently, our dedicated team ensures high-quality, Australian-made products you can trust.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Illumination: Provides strong side illumination at a 35-45 degree angle.
  • Custom Design: Vehicle-specific fit with in-house CAD design
  • Durable Material: Made from 3mm 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish.
  • Easy Installation: No drilling or trimming required; bolts directly to bonnet hinge.
  • Proudly Australian: Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria.

Enhance your night driving experience with our Pod Light / Ditch Light cowl mounts. Therefore, order now and light up the night with confidence!

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