RG N70 42 inch black brackets image 2
RG N70 42 inch black brackets image 3
RG N70 42 inch black brackets

(Black) Toyota Hilux N70 2005-2015 x Holden Colorado RG – 42″ Curved Windscreen Mounting Brackets

Material: 3mm Mild Steel Zinc Dipped
Finish: Powder Coated Black
Fit: 42″ Curved light bar (1067mm)
® All mounts are design registered by Bullseye Products

What’s in the box?

– A pair of N70 HiLux x Colorado RG Windscreen Mounts powder coated in textured black

– 2 X Cuphead bolts

– 2 X Rubber spacers

– 6 X M8 Cuphead Bolts

– 6 X M8 Nyloc Nuts

– 6 X M8 Washers

$157.00 *Inc GST

In stock

Australia’s Bullseye Products Original ‘Toyota Hilux N70 & Holden Colorado RG’ Windscreen Mounting Brackets to suit 50″ Curved LED Light Bars.

Australian Made

Unleash the full potential of your off-road vehicle with Bullseye Products Toyota Hilux N70 & Holden Colorado RG Windscreen Mounting Brackets.

Constructed from high-quality materials and finished in a rugged Powder Coated Textured Black. Our brackets offer both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Our Windscreen Mounting Brackets are meticulously designed in 3D CAD software, tailored specifically for your vehicle. Unlike straight light bars that clash with the vehicle roofline, our innovative design ensures a seamless fit, courtesy of the curved shape of the LED light bar. This configuration allows for optimal illumination, extending an additional 30 degrees on both sides of your vehicle.

Two Cars, Same Design

This windscreen mounting bracket seamlessly fits both the Toyota Hilux N70 and the Holden Colorado RG, thanks to their shared pillar design. Many car manufacturers opt for similar designs across various models, providing Bullseye Products with the opportunity to craft mounting brackets and accessories that cater to multiple vehicles.


To guarantee peace of mind, our brackets feature an advanced anti-theft design! We’ve invested considerable thought to safeguard your equipment against theft or tampering.

We have implemented a custom-made 8mm dome head bolt and crafted the mounts from 3mm, Zinc Dipped, Mild Steel.

This robust construction ensures utmost security, making it exceedingly difficult for unauthorized access and providing you with the assurance that your valuable gear remains securely in your possession.

Easy Installation

Save on costly mechanic bills and auto electrician fees with our user-friendly mounting brackets! Designed for easy installation, you can confidently secure the Light Bar Mounting Brackets yourself. Pair them with our Bullseye 42” Curved LED Light Bar for maximum output and enhanced visibility. Our detailed installation instructions available at www.bullseyeproducts.com.au/instructions make setup a breeze, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Proudly Australian Owned and Manufactured

® All mounts are design registered by Bullseye Products And manufactured in Australia

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