Nissan GU Patrol 2200mm Roof Rack Backbones Mounting Systems - Night Hawk Range
Nissan GU Patrol 2200mm Roof Rack Backbones Mounting Systems - Night Hawk Range

Backbones Side Rails – Nissan GU Patrol 2200mm Low Profile Backbone system

Introducing the Bullseye Products Back Bone System, a design crafted with inspiration from the renowned Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform. Our innovative backbone system offers users the freedom to utilize any similarly sized roof rack (measuring 2128mm x 1236mm) with adjustable mounting points.

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Nissan GU Patrol 2200mm Low Profile Backbone system

Introducing the Nissan Patrol GU 2200 Backbone System, a revolutionary solution for roof racks that redefines the industry standard with its unmatched low profile and innovative features. Crafted with precision engineering, this system is designed to provide the lowest profile for the Patrol GU on the market, ensuring a sleek and aerodynamic look without compromising on strength or functionality.

One of the standout features of this system is the exclusive inclusion of 2 x 13.5″ Ultra Slim LED Light bars on each side of the backbone rails. These high-performance LED lights not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but also provide exceptional visibility during night-time adventures. Illuminate your path with confidence, knowing that Bullseye Products brings you cutting-edge technology exclusive to this back bone system!

The Nissan Patrol GU, with its distinct gutter line along the roof, provides an ideal foundation for securely attaching the Bullseye Products Back Bone System. The system utilizes specialized clamps designed to anchor the backbone rails to the vehicle’s gutters, ensuring a stable and reliable connection.

Included in the package are six purpose-built brackets designed to bolt directly onto the side rails of the back bone system. These brackets serve as invaluable tie-down points, offering users a convenient and secure solution for strapping down various items onto their roof racks.

Load Rating is based on the Platform that you mount to. We have based our backbone system design on the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform, however this system will work with any Roof Rack with adjustable mounting points. The Wind Deflector has been designed to take the weight of extra accessories such as spotlights, lightbars, pod lights, aerials, the choice is yours!

The roof rack back bone system will fit an 2128mm x 1236mm roof rack with adjustable mounting points. (Roof Rack NOT INLUDED)

  • Simple assembly with a few basic tools and supplied hardware.
  • Compatible with any brand of roof rack that has adjustable mounting points
  • Installation will take approx. 4 hours

What comes with this Option:

  • 2 x Side Rail Backbones – Left & Right
  • 6 x Tie down points
  • 6 x Side Rail Clamps
  • 6 x Roof Rack mounting plates – 3 Left & 3 Right
  • A Bolt Pack for the Side Rails and Clamps
  • 4 x 13.5″ Ultra Slim Single Row LED Light bars
  • Light Bar mounts for the 13.5″ LED Light bars and a Bolt Pack.

13.5” 4D Ultra Slim Single Row 60w Light Bar

  • 5w Cree Led
  • Beam: Spot
  • Operating Voltage: 10-30v Dc
  • Waterproof Rate: Ip 68
  • Colour Temperature: 6000k
  • 50,000 Hrs
  • Material: Diecast Aluminium Housing
  • Lens Material: Pc
  • Lumen 3,600
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