Patrol GU Lower Dash Panel
Patrol GU Lower Dash Panel
Patrol GU Lower Dash Panel

Nissan Patrol GU Lower Dash Panel – 2 x Gauge & 3 x Switch Sockets (Mount Only)

Product Specifications

(gauges and switches not included)

1 piece, 2mm Stainless Steel Brushed Finish

Gauge size is 52mm.

Standard Carling Switch Sizes (21mm x 27mm)

$132.00 *Inc GST

In stock

Experience the Ultimate Upgrade for Your Nissan GU Patrol with Our Custom Lower Dash Gauge and Switch Panel

Elevate your driving experience with our Custom Lower Dash Gauge and Switch Panel,¬†specifically engineered for Nissan GU Patrol enthusiasts. This innovative switch panel is not just an accessory; it’s a seamless integration into your vehicle, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetics. Perfectly crafted for the Nissan GU Patrol, it’s the ultimate solution for a clutter-free and stylish dashboard.

Upgrade your Nissan GU Patrol with our expertly engineered Lower Dashboard Panel, crafted from robust 2mm 203 Grade Stainless Steel. Ideal for both off-road adventures and daily commutes, this panel not only enhances the functionality of your vehicle but also adds a touch of sophistication to your dashboard. With its easy accessibility and organization, this panel is an essential upgrade for any Nissan GU Patrol enthusiast seeking a blend of strength, style, and practicality.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: Tailored to accommodate a range of accessories including 2 Gauges and 3 Switches.
  • Enhanced Organization: Say goodbye to tangled wires and cluttered dashboards. Our switch panel organizes and simplifies your control system.
  • Premium Quality: Constructed from high-grade materials, it withstands the demands of both off-road adventures and daily use.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for a perfect fit, it easily integrates into your Nissan GU Patrol’s existing dash panel, requiring no modifications.

Why Choose Our Switch Panel?

  • Custom-Fit for GU Patrol: Engineered specifically for your vehicle, ensuring a flawless fit and integration.
  • Streamlined Functionality: Brings all your aftermarket accessories into one convenient location.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last, it provides long-term performance in any environment.
  • Quick and Simple Upgrade: Enhances your vehicle’s interior effortlessly and efficiently.

Perfect for both off-road enthusiasts and everyday drivers, our Custom Lower Dash Panel Switch Panel is a must-have for Patrol owners. Upgrade your vehicle’s interior with our innovative, user-friendly, and stylish switch panel. Shop now and transform your driving experience!

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