GQ Nissan Patrol Black powder coated brackets image 3
GQ Nissan Patrol Black powder coated brackets image 2
GQ Nissan Patrol Black powder coated brackets

(Black) Nissan Patrol GQ x 75 Series Landcruiser – 50″ Curved Windscreen Mounting Bracket

Material: 3mm Mild Steel Zinc Dipped
Finish: Powder Coated Satin Black
Fit: Curved bar 1270mm
® All mounts are design registered by Bullseye Products

$140.00 *Inc GST

In stock

Australia’s Bullseye Products Original ‘Nissan GQ Patrol x 75 Series Landcruiser‘ Windscreen Mount Brackets to suit 50″ Curved LED Light Bars.

Custom Bullseye Made

What a way to add that little bit of extra functional style with Bullseye Products Nissan GQ Patrol x 75 Series Landcruiser Windscreen Mounting Brackets. Currently, brackets available in a Brushed stainless finish or powder coated satin black. The Windscreen Mounting Bracket’s are 3D CAD specifically for your vehicle. As such, this will ensure that they follow the sleek and stylish lines of the pillar. This ensures, while mounting a massive 50 inch curved LED Light bar above your windscreen, that they stay even during your highest speeds and rockiest adventures.

Two Cars, Same Design

The reason this windscreen mounting bracket fits both the Nissan GQ Patrol and 75 Series Landcruiser is because both Models fit the same pillar design. Among the various vehicle companies, a lot of car model designers chose to have similar designs with other vehicle models. Therefore, giving Bullseye Products the ability to create Mounting Brackets and other accessories for such vehicles.


A lot of thought went into the setup of these screen mounted light-bars and their Anti-Theft Design. Therefore, Utilising a custom made 8mm square shank dome head bolt and 2mm 304 Grade Australian Stainless steel. Hence, making it near impossible for somebody to mess with your gear keeping your hard-earned toys in your hands.

Easy Installation

All of our mounts are very easy to install! Thus, you don’t have to factor in costly mechanic bills or auto electricians. You can securely fit the Light Bar Mounts with confidence yourself. When using the Bullseye Screen Mount Brackets in hand with a Bullseye LED Curved Light Bar, you can Maximize Output with an optimal light path and perfect peripheral vision.

Proudly Australian

® All mounts are design registered by Bullseye Products And manufactured in Australia

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