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Nissan Patrol GQ Dash Pod - 2x Gauge Socket and 3x Switch Socket Mount
Nissan Patrol GQ Dash Pod - 2x Gauge Socket and 3x Switch Socket Mount

(Black)Nissan Patrol GQ Dash Pod – 2x Gauge Socket and 3x Switch Socket Mount

Product Specifications

(gauges and switches not included)

3 piece, 2mm Aluminium Powder Coated Textured Black Finish

Gauge size is 52mm.

Standard Carling Switch Sizes (21mm x 27mm)

$225.00 *Inc GST

Available on back-order

Nissan Patrol GQ – Gauge & Switch Dash Pod in Black

Enhance your Nissan Patrol GQ’s dashboard with Bullseye Products’ custom-made powder coated textured black dash pod. This premium-quality dash pod features two gauge sockets and three switch sockets, providing ample space for additional gauges and switches (gauges and switches not included).

Designed to perfectly fit your Nissan GQ Patrol, this dash pod ensures durability and longevity, making it an ideal upgrade for your 4WD needs, whether cruising or climbing tough terrain.

Design and Fit

The dash pod secures on top of your dashboard using two pre-existing bolts at the base of the windscreen. The design angles the gauges towards the driver for efficient visibility, and positions all switches within comfortable reach, maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle’s interior.

Options and Functionality

Installation is simple, using the existing screws at the top of your dashboard under the trim covers. Secure your dash pod using the U-shaped mounts, meaning no drilling is required. The dash pod comes in three aluminium pieces with five button screws included. Remember, this dash pod is designed with only the gauge sockets and switch sockets; no gauges or switches are included.


  • Two gauge sockets
  • Three switch sockets
  • One 12V outlet socket

Gauge size: 52mm
Switch opening: 21mm x 27mm (suitable for most Carling switches)                                                                                                            Finish: Textured Black

Additional Options

Bullseye Products also offers other options, including the Nissan Patrol GQ 4x Gauge Socket Dash Pod. Explore more of our custom-made products to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Quality Assurance

Trust Bullseye Products to provide the best custom-made dash pods for your GQ Patrol. We design our products with precision and craft them from high-quality aluminium, ensuring you get the best in durability and functionality. Upgrade your Nissan GQ Patrol today with our expertly designed dash pod and experience the difference. Bullseye Products – Located in Lilydale, Melbourne, Victoria.

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