RGB LED Rock Light Kit (8pcs) – High Power

$198.00 *Inc GST

Unit: 8 PCS per set.

Power: 9W

Voltage range: 9-32V / DC

Material: Aluminium + PC

Lamp beads: 3030

Colour: Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, RGB

Life: 50,000 hours

Waterproof: IP68

Low temperature resistant: -30°C (-22°F)

High temperature resistant: 60°C (140°F)

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RGB LED Rock Light Kit (8pcs) – High Power

Mounted beneath your vehicle, these LED Rock Lights will illuminate anything in your path.

Whatever it be 4WD , Camping or just touring, these multicoloured plug & play lights are universal.

You can use them pretty much anywhere.

You can control them with the Phone App and pick from 16 million RGB colours combinations.

Weatherproof and perfectly sealed & protected from outside elements.



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