Ford Everest 2011-2021 - 50" LED Lightbar Windscreen Mounting Brackets
PX stainless steel bracket
Ford Ranger PX - 50 inch Curved Light bar Screen Mount Brackets Black or Stainless Bullseye Products 4x4 Lilydale Melbourne Australia
Brushed Stainless Steel BT50 Mounting Brackets
PX stainless steel bracket

Ford Everest 2011-2021 – 50″ LED Lightbar Windscreen Mounting Brackets

Designed for both work and play, our Ford Everest windscreen mounting brackets set the standard when it comes to making a statement. These brackets are tailored to follow the curvature…

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Designed for both work and play, our Ford Everest windscreen mounting brackets set the standard when it comes to making a statement. These brackets are tailored to follow the curvature of the windscreen and profile of the vehicle. Our design sets your light bar at the perfect height for optimal performance. This is a creative alternative to a roof rack mounting bracket.

Please note our screen mounts may not fit if your vehicle has other OEM or aftermarket accessories such as a snorkel. There are many snorkels on the market so to make sure our product is suitable please contact our office on 03 9737 6384 or email us photos of your vehicle to prior to purchasing our screen mounts.

Our built in Anti-theft design, means there’s no better way to mount a 50” Curved Light Bar to your pride and joy. Rest easy knowing your Bullseye gear will be right where you left it.


Mounting your Curved LED light bar at the windscreen, optimises the spread of light. This brings increased vision both to the front of the vehicle and 30 meters either side, giving more chance to spot the unexpected.


Designed and manufactured locally in Lilydale Australia, they are made from thick 2mm 304 grade Stainless Steel.


Our Windscreen mounting brackets are powder coated using the latest technology to bring you the highest standard in quality. Brackets are phosphate treated and powder coated with a premium satin black finish.


Whether you have factory fitted options such as a snorkel or roof rack, the design team here at Bullseye have taken that into consideration.

Securing a Bullseye 50” LED Light Bar will not feel or look like an afterthought.

Our easy to install instructions will suit anyone from a novice to advanced, check out our guides on how to correctly fit Bullseye windscreen brackets: Windscreen Mounting brackets installation PDF  or VIDEO


What’s in the box?

– A pair of Everest Windscreen Mounts

– 2 X Cuphead bolts

– 2 X Rubber spacers

– 6 X Nutserts

– 6 X Button head hex screws

– 1 X Protective foam

– 1 X Nutsert tool



Add a little bit of extra functional style with Bullseye Products Windscreen mounts. Available in Brushed stainless or powder coated satin black finish. They are 3D CAD designed specifically for your vehicle, to ensure that they follow the sleek and stylish lines of the pillar while mounting a 50-inch curved LED Light bar above your windscreen, looking like they have been there from the factory.  We are the customisation professionals.



Utilising custom made 8mm square shank dome head bolts and 2mm Australian Stainless steel, making it near impossible for somebody to mess with your gear.



Our easy to install mounts will securely fit a 50” Light Bar.

For best results mount a Bullseye 50” Curved LED Light Bar to maximise output with optimal light path and perfect peripheral vision.



We’re a family run business with emphasis on quality over quantity. All brackets are manufactured locally in Lilydale, Australia.

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